Shell Gas Stations

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Stone Kat Development completed lighting retrofits on 29 Shell Gas Stations throughout Arizona. Our exterior lighting solutions modernize the stores and increase the curb appeal and curbing maintenance costs and providing deep energy savings. Ten year product warranties and high ambient temperature ratings give our customers peace-of-mind that they won't have to worry about their exterior lighting for at least a decade!

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Most gas stations operate 24/7/365 so the savings from upgrading to LED add up quickly. Full spectrum LED light with high color rendering also helps the merchandise to "pop" and creates a vibrant, energetic atmosphere in the store environment. LED refrigerated case lighting generates far less heat than fluorescent sources which helps reduce the load on the cooling equipment. 

St Clare of Assisi

Halogen flood lights not only consume monstrous amounts of energy, the also generate an obscene amount of heat. We are able to drastically improve the comfort level of the congregation (and the Priests!) and reduce the connected wattage by about 80% . . . not to mention the HVAC savings from heat load reduction.

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Browse images below to see the "day and night" difference in light quality and uniformity at the Infinity RV dealership

Before #1 Inventory aisles (before)

Before #1

Inventory aisles (before)

Before #2 Dealership entry drive (before)

Before #2

Dealership entry drive (before)

Before #3 Outside sales office (before) 

Before #3

Outside sales office (before) 

After #1 Inventory aisles (after)

After #1

Inventory aisles (after)

After #2 Dealership entry drive (after)

After #2

Dealership entry drive (after)

After #3 Outisde sales office (after)

After #3

Outisde sales office (after)

American Express

When an organization like American Express needs to expand their parking, guess who they turn to for expert advice, quality products, and exceptional service and value? 

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AMEX AEDR Parking Expansion AFTER (9).jpg
AMEX AEDR Parking Expansion AFTER (5).jpg