Energy savings. Eliminated Maintenance. Exceptional Returns.


LED lighting retrofits are the simplest and most cost-effective investment in your business. Utility based incentives make it even more affordable. LED technology has come a long way in recent years . . .

  • Prices have come down significantly

  • Efficiency has increased drastically

  • Life cycles are now measured in decades not years

  • Color rendering accuracy is immaculate

But not all LED is created equal. That is why it is critical to work with an experienced and knowledgeable partner that will ensure you get the best products at the best value.


What does your exterior lighting say about your business?

The benefits of upgrading your outdoor lighting are many. Considerations include:

  • Energy savings. LED area lighting typically results in at least 60% energy savings over existing HID light sources. Outdoor lights typically run on a dusk-to-dawn schedule which translates into long operating hours.
  • Maintenance Savings. It is fairly common now for LED lights to be warrantied for 10 years. In addition to bulbs and ballast costs, replacing area lights often requires expensive lift equipment.
  • Degradation. Many people don't realize that HID light sources degrade long before they fail. A metal halide fixture my burn for as long as 5 years, but it will only be producing a fraction of the initial light output for 3 out of those 5 years.
  • Even Distribution. LED light is directional. This allows manufacturers to create fixtures with very specific distribution patterns. Correct design allows for uniform light levels throughout.
  • Safety. Do your employees feel safe in the parking lot? Do your customers feel safe?
  • Liability. Are there any potential liabilities associated with tripping hazards due to inadequate lighting? Will your insurance company cover losses from theft where security lighting is inadequate. Are vandals emboldened by the knowledge that there isn't enough light for them to be identified in security footage?
  • Image. What does your lighting say about your business? Does it show that you care about your image? Does it suggest that you care about your customers and employees? Does it portray that you are on the cutting-edge of your industry?

LED and the Arizona heat

LED technology is like any other electronic . . . it can fail if it gets too hot. For that reason it is critical that you select an LED with a high ambient temperature rating for your exterior lighting project. Stone Kat has the knowledge and purchasing relationships with manufacturers of products that are proven to perform in the harsh heat of the Arizona summer.

Please visit the projects page to see some of our recent exterior lighting projects. 

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Precision workmanship requires precise illumination

Manufacturing, fabrication, automotive repair, woodworking, printing, industrial processes, spray painting, and many more. Whatever you do with you work space, quality illumination facilitates quality workmanship, and helps prevent workplace injuries. We have the solutions that will ensure you have the light to do it right.